Inspiration & Research

When I was an architecture student, research has been one of my favorite part of the process. It gave meaning to design. When creatin a model each  function had a purpose and a reason to exist. Fast forward years later, I became a fashion designer. When I started applying architecture principle to fashion a marriage was born and I never looked at fashion the same after that 

Creating a collection is more than just a mood board with images that inspires us.  I have in the past created many mood boards and it left me empty. I wanted more than images on paper. I wanted those images to speak life and create a dream that hasn't existed yet. 

It was my senior year at Savannah College of Arts and Design when  Professor Christopher helped me mergerd architecture and fashion. It finally click. At that point in my studies I have been studying both majors. It never hit me to combine both majors. Now I see architecture through the lense of Fashion. 

As a designer you must have a purpose. Discovering why are you design and what perpective you  want to give to the world. It's ok if you don't have all the answers. Find out what in fashion you wish could exist and be that voice for it. 


Here re are a few tips that can help you create a collection


When looking up inspirations for your collection, go back to the principle of design and articulate in design words why this image is important to you. The principle of design words has helped me understand where I am taking a the vision for the collection. After I create my process book I take those design words and apply them to my process designs. 


Here are two ways to create a process book. 

Procesa Book idea #1- Create it your self. 

Design the cover page on Microsoft word, Photoshop or any program you have 8.5  x 11 Page- On the page you would have an image, title, designer name incase you miss place it 

Buy a pack of 100 card stock at homedepo 

I usually go to fedex- Kinco print the cover page In card stock 

Bind the cover page and 100 card stock- cleared covering  

All of this should be between 15-20.00  

Idea #1- Create your own book  


Idea 2# Buy an existing art journal with no lines Moleskine journals are my favorite but they are a little expensive but so worth it. They last the longest.