Hey Everyone,

Hope you are having a great day. I get a lot of messages in my inbox on how to start a collection. Where to start and so on. So I decided that I would walk you through my process. Hopefully it can inspire someone. Studying architecture for so many years I felt like I had a lot to learn about fashion. I am still learning everyday about the process. I still take my professors out for coffee and ask questions. I am at the library, Barnes and Noble, and listening to fashion talks on youtube daily.  I am constantly learning and finding ways to improve as a fashion designer. Here are resources that can help provoke ideas on how to start a fashion collection. 

I love these books. They have helped spark ideas and help me design many collections in the past. The books walk you through the processes from begin to end.  The Fashion Portfolio book is one of my favorites.  It opens your mind to creating a collection from a different perspective. In fashion you may have been taught to start at creating a mood board. The truth is that you can start at any point.  Stay tune for the next steps in starting a collection.  Hope you enjoy these books and welcome to my process as I create my next collection. 

Book 1: Creating a successful fashion collection by Steven Faerm

Book 2: Daniel Vosovic Fashion Inside Out foreword by Tim Gunn 

Book 3: Fashion Portfolio design + presentation by Anna Kiper