My favorite look

LA Fashion Week  



Hope you had a great. I am still in LA meeting new friends and making connections. I want to stop by and share my favorite look with you. Hope you enjoy. 

         It's hard to pick which look I love the most out of this collection. I do believe that I have grown alot as a designer. The green up suit with the coat was new for me to design this season. When I look at this entire look, she is bold, comfortable, and the center piece of the room. Beside my love for architecture, I am in love with mens 1800 coats. I love how their coats are short in the front and long in the back. And when they walk, the wind would catch their coat reminding me of the cape of a super hero. I have love that look for many years. 

           To choose out of these three would be hard. I think each of these clothes are great for different moments in a woman's life.  The first garment is a transition garment. A garment that can take you from work to a cocktail party. Choosing the right type of materials really helped with this collection. The frist look is all in neoprene fabric. I wanted this look to be comfortable and elegant. Comfortable for ever day work but elegant even for a red carpet event. 

Today I would choose the middle outfit because I need a garment that I can wear heels and my converse all in one day. As a designer, my role changes throughout the day. In one day  I am at a coffee shop then headed to a gallery cocktail event. Who knows maybe tomorrow the third look will be my favorite. Thanks for reading. See you next time. 




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