Getting the runway look!

I am super excited to be in LA. I am having the time of my life. The runway show at LA Fashion Week with Art Heart Fashion was a exciting. I love seeing what I have been working on since  fall of last year. My ideas are no longer on paper but has come to life.  In this collection I wanted to create the simple collection. If you know me as a designer, simple is not how I approach designing. My background in architecture has helped me create the most out of the box designs. I am taking the same inspirations and creating some thing simple. Simple is not always easy to design. There are so many elements that goes into designing.  Elements such as, where is she going in this garment? How would she feel in the clothes I design.

    I am always thinking about what women want in their closets. My purpose is to design for the creative woman that works in the business world. This woman has so much happening in her life that she needs a wardrobe that makes her look fabulous on the go. 

How do you get this look? How do you put this look together. I call it the "Basics" . The first concept is buying clothes that are multi purpose. As a woman, the clothes that I value the most are garments that can take me from one event to another.  I love having a pair of pants that I can wear with heels and later with a pair of converse to meet my girls. This collection is inspired by that woman. Well, check out my collection and let me know what you think. Talk to you soon,