Shopping for fabric

In the begin phase of creating a collection, fabric is in important. Some designers are inspired by fabrics other design find the fabric after drawing and designing. It doesn't really matter how you start a collection. Fabric can make or break your collection.

I have struggled a lot in the past in finding the right fabric. Coming from an architecture background and wanting to create shapes, the wrong fabric can hurt your design. Some fabric won't move the way I thought it would. Here are some tips that really help me through the fabric process. 

Tip 1: During your research phase I would always suggest buying a yard of the fabric and creating a detail design from your collection That will help you see if the fabric works before buying fifty yards of it.

Tip 2: Create a budget for your collection. I have created a collection with less than two hundred dollars. Great design is great design. I can spend so much money at the fabric store. A budget will be your best friend. 

Tip 3: Creating ten to twenty small mock up design details from your collection. I have learn this method in architecture school. We would have to come up with twenty and more process models. You can even start designing from this point.

Don't get intimidated when you walk into the fabric store trust your instinct.

Tip 4: Make something out of your collection for you to wear. This changed the way I design. You are your best model. When wear what you design you can figure out what fabric you love the most. Remember if you won't wear it someone else most likely won't wear it. 

Here are some cool pic from today's trip to the fabric store.  





Here is a book resource that have helped me through understanding different types of fabric.  



Inspiration & Research

When I was an architecture student, research has been one of my favorite part of the process. It gave meaning to design. When creatin a model each  function had a purpose and a reason to exist. Fast forward years later, I became a fashion designer. When I started applying architecture principle to fashion a marriage was born and I never looked at fashion the same after that 

Creating a collection is more than just a mood board with images that inspires us.  I have in the past created many mood boards and it left me empty. I wanted more than images on paper. I wanted those images to speak life and create a dream that hasn't existed yet. 

It was my senior year at Savannah College of Arts and Design when  Professor Christopher helped me mergerd architecture and fashion. It finally click. At that point in my studies I have been studying both majors. It never hit me to combine both majors. Now I see architecture through the lense of Fashion. 

As a designer you must have a purpose. Discovering why are you design and what perpective you  want to give to the world. It's ok if you don't have all the answers. Find out what in fashion you wish could exist and be that voice for it. 


Here re are a few tips that can help you create a collection


When looking up inspirations for your collection, go back to the principle of design and articulate in design words why this image is important to you. The principle of design words has helped me understand where I am taking a the vision for the collection. After I create my process book I take those design words and apply them to my process designs. 


Here are two ways to create a process book. 

Procesa Book idea #1- Create it your self. 

Design the cover page on Microsoft word, Photoshop or any program you have 8.5  x 11 Page- On the page you would have an image, title, designer name incase you miss place it 

Buy a pack of 100 card stock at homedepo 

I usually go to fedex- Kinco print the cover page In card stock 

Bind the cover page and 100 card stock- cleared covering  

All of this should be between 15-20.00  

Idea #1- Create your own book  


Idea 2# Buy an existing art journal with no lines Moleskine journals are my favorite but they are a little expensive but so worth it. They last the longest.



Hey Everyone,

Hope you are having a great day. I get a lot of messages in my inbox on how to start a collection. Where to start and so on. So I decided that I would walk you through my process. Hopefully it can inspire someone. Studying architecture for so many years I felt like I had a lot to learn about fashion. I am still learning everyday about the process. I still take my professors out for coffee and ask questions. I am at the library, Barnes and Noble, and listening to fashion talks on youtube daily.  I am constantly learning and finding ways to improve as a fashion designer. Here are resources that can help provoke ideas on how to start a fashion collection. 

I love these books. They have helped spark ideas and help me design many collections in the past. The books walk you through the processes from begin to end.  The Fashion Portfolio book is one of my favorites.  It opens your mind to creating a collection from a different perspective. In fashion you may have been taught to start at creating a mood board. The truth is that you can start at any point.  Stay tune for the next steps in starting a collection.  Hope you enjoy these books and welcome to my process as I create my next collection. 

Book 1: Creating a successful fashion collection by Steven Faerm

Book 2: Daniel Vosovic Fashion Inside Out foreword by Tim Gunn 

Book 3: Fashion Portfolio design + presentation by Anna Kiper


I am excited about my new conceptual collection which premiere during Art Basel in Miami.  I have been dreaming of being a conceptual designer for a long time. Now I can walk boldly towards that direction. Designing brings pleasure to my soul and when it comes to life, magic happens. I have been creating ideas for the last couple of weeks. I love my process books. Something I carry with me since college. Hope you love them as I do. 



Savannah Botanical Garden

One of my favorite places to be is at a magical garden. In Savannah I had to stop at the SACG, Inc. botanical garden. Being with nature and leaving the world behind makes me happy.  I stop and smile all the roses then off to take a long walks. I enjoy taking long walk without being in a hurry to be somewhere or do something. I am slowing learning to do nothing. Relaxing is not my thing. I love the conquering and making things happen. Welcome to the new phase of my life. Hope you enjoy my pictures. Capturing moments help me see life from a different perspective. 


- Merline

PHOTOSHOOT Architecture + Fashion Show

As the date get closer, I am super excited about showing my Architecture + Fashion runway collection. I wanted to creative fashion art. As a working fashion designer, I miss creating just to create. This collection  express the love for geometric shapes and lines. This show is taking place at the Jepson Museum on April 30th in Savannah GA. This museum is modern with clean lines. Perfect for a designer like me. Its cool to see all my dreams are coming true.


I cant believe I am having a fashion show at the Jepson Museum. I am excited to create fashion art. Most of my pieces are an expression of my creativity. In the middle of all the craziness   happening in my studio, I am able to create a line that is pure fashion art. I hope you guys are by inspired it.  Hope to see you there. 

My new Fashion + Architecture Installation Runway | Come see the runway show at Jepson Center Museum in Savannah | Tickets on Sell | April 30th | 7pm | Link:


Hey Guys,

So many amazing things happened backstage. I had a great time in LAFW. It was crazy fitting the models for the very first time and figuring out who is going to wear what. While I am doing that, sliding a quick interview for a magazine. I love the craziness of getting ready for a show. It's never really glamorous backstage but, I love the authenticity of it all.  



My favorite look

LA Fashion Week  



Hope you had a great. I am still in LA meeting new friends and making connections. I want to stop by and share my favorite look with you. Hope you enjoy. 

         It's hard to pick which look I love the most out of this collection. I do believe that I have grown alot as a designer. The green up suit with the coat was new for me to design this season. When I look at this entire look, she is bold, comfortable, and the center piece of the room. Beside my love for architecture, I am in love with mens 1800 coats. I love how their coats are short in the front and long in the back. And when they walk, the wind would catch their coat reminding me of the cape of a super hero. I have love that look for many years. 

           To choose out of these three would be hard. I think each of these clothes are great for different moments in a woman's life.  The first garment is a transition garment. A garment that can take you from work to a cocktail party. Choosing the right type of materials really helped with this collection. The frist look is all in neoprene fabric. I wanted this look to be comfortable and elegant. Comfortable for ever day work but elegant even for a red carpet event. 

Today I would choose the middle outfit because I need a garment that I can wear heels and my converse all in one day. As a designer, my role changes throughout the day. In one day  I am at a coffee shop then headed to a gallery cocktail event. Who knows maybe tomorrow the third look will be my favorite. Thanks for reading. See you next time. 




Your designer 



Getting the runway look!

I am super excited to be in LA. I am having the time of my life. The runway show at LA Fashion Week with Art Heart Fashion was a exciting. I love seeing what I have been working on since  fall of last year. My ideas are no longer on paper but has come to life.  In this collection I wanted to create the simple collection. If you know me as a designer, simple is not how I approach designing. My background in architecture has helped me create the most out of the box designs. I am taking the same inspirations and creating some thing simple. Simple is not always easy to design. There are so many elements that goes into designing.  Elements such as, where is she going in this garment? How would she feel in the clothes I design.

    I am always thinking about what women want in their closets. My purpose is to design for the creative woman that works in the business world. This woman has so much happening in her life that she needs a wardrobe that makes her look fabulous on the go. 

How do you get this look? How do you put this look together. I call it the "Basics" . The first concept is buying clothes that are multi purpose. As a woman, the clothes that I value the most are garments that can take me from one event to another.  I love having a pair of pants that I can wear with heels and later with a pair of converse to meet my girls. This collection is inspired by that woman. Well, check out my collection and let me know what you think. Talk to you soon,


Scad Atelier


2016 F. a. l. l. Collection | SCAD Atelier | Designing for the businesswomen in a creative environment | Model: @katieblady  #scadatelier #projectrunway #fashionfoward #favstyle #merlinelabissiere #SCAD #creativewomen