Labissiere Inc. is the company behind Merline Labissiere Collection. We are about providing creative women the right garment for the perfect business deal moments. Each garment is hand made from our Miami Fl Studio. Designing for the cretive woman in the business world. 

50% of the proceeds go towards Provokstyle Fashion Camp. An organziation that teaches fashion design to unreach students. For more information visit

Merline Labissiere, a Miami- based designer, fell in love with the idea of marrying architecture and fashion design at an early age. The young Haitian-American designer graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design in 2011. Although pursuing a degree in architecture brought her to SCAD, Merline discovered fashion was the fuel to her creative passion. Her architectural background continues to inspire her designs and other avenues of art. As a Project Runway Season 14 contestant airing on Lifetime, Merline got the opportunity to design a winning look that was manufacture and sold nationwide for Heid Klum’s intimate’s line. Along with her passion for fashion, her brand “Merline Labissiere” started a non-profit teaching fashion in inner city youth. Recently, she has given presentations on her journey in entrepreneurship and starting a non-profit to students and alumni at the SCAD Museum of Art. Merline's passion to combine fashion and architecture and show the world a new perspective appears in every piece designed for the creative woman working in a professional environment.