Process work for conceptual fashion installation | Merging fashion and architecture 





Born in Miami, Florida, Merline Labissiere designs fashions for the creative business woman. The young, Haitian-American designer graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion in 2011 and a background in Architecture . From an early age, Merline fell in love with creative avenues when a sixth grade teacher introduced her to the craft of crochet. From there, the idea of creating something beautiful and functional from a basic material permeated throughout her life. Before coming to SCAD as an architecture student, Merline taught herself to sew by working on several projects including prom dresses, formal attire and street wear.




Miami, FL to SAVANNAH, gA

Although architecture brought her to SCAD, fashion was the fuel to her creative passion. Her architectural background continues to inspire her designs and other avenues of art. Finding inspiration in designers like Iris van Herpen, Merline pushes the limits of her fashion designs by exploring various mediums such as 3-D modeling to create wearable fashion from furniture designs. Merline says “I find inspiration in everything; from fashion installations,  geometric shapes, and architecture silhouettes .




” As a Project Runway Season 14th contestant airing on Lifetime, Merline got the opportunity to design a winning look for Heid Klum’s intimates line. This winning look has been manufacture and sold nationwide. Merline is currently working on her fashion label Merline Labissiere and her non-profit fashion camp that gives back to students in the inner city. Recently, she has given presentations on her journey in entrepreneurship and starting a non-profit to students and alumni at the SCAD Museum of Art. Merline's passion is to combine fashion and architecture and show the world a new perspective on how it




" I enjoy every minute of finding solution for the creative women. There are so many women that works in a creative environment and can't express their who they are through through what they wear. My job is to discover solutions that will impact them as they create amazing art."


Fashion + Architecture

"These two disciple has been my thesis for years. I find it fascinate how these two provides a different point of view as a designer. I get to see the world from a different point of view. I am also privilege to share that perspective with the world"



Provoke Style Fashion Camp Corporation ( Merline Labisssiere Serves the Community)  is a non-profit company that provides fashion camp in the inner city.  Our mission is to provoke style in the hearts of the next generation. We started in the Summer of 2014 in Savannah Ga. We have had the opportunity to partnered with many great organizations. It is our desire to educate and provide skills that will empower our youth to dream and apply for future opportunities.